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Kochie is trying to throw his weight around in the Gold Coast-China jumper row

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In their blind attempt to actually convince a team to play a home game in China against them, the Port Adelaide Football Club shot themselves in the foot.

The Power eventually convinced the Gold Coast Suns to host a home game in Shanghai on May 14 - paying them half-a-million dollars to do so - in an attempt to break into the Chinese market, and it’s 1.4 billion-large population.

The problem is, the Chinese flag is red and yellow, the same colours of the Suns’ home jumper – leaving the Power open to the awkward situation of receiving no support from the Chinese crowd. 

Now shit has hit the fan, and Power president and TV host David Koch is trying to throw his weight around, and convince the Suns to wear their away strip. 

“I’ve said this quite clearly from the start — if you want this to be only a one-year project for you, then you wear your home strip,” Koch said on Adelaide radio.

“If you want to be our partner for a number of years ... well then you’ll wear your away strip.

“It’s not an ultimatum, it’s just very clear where we’re coming from. We’re paying you half-a-million dollars to buy your home game.”

Unfortunately for the Sunrise host, the Suns are having none of it, and have stated that the AFL is in charge of scheduling, and if the Suns are the home team, they’ll wear their home jumper. 

The AFL themselves are reluctant to touch the issue with a ten-foot pool either. 

As it stands, the Suns are looking at a half-mill profit, a free holiday, and the majority of crowd support. 

And even if it is only for one year, I’m sure their players will be okay with that…

The GFP understands that Kochie will bring the Cash Cow with him to any future negotiations, in a final attempt to sway the Suns into wearing their away strip. 

Let’s be honest, the whole attempt at playing AFL in China is a bloody shemozzle anyway…

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