Posted: 3 January, 2017 by Ryan Warren

David Warner has just taken the absolute piss in Sydney

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David Warner has just become the first person to hit a century in the first session of a Test match on Australian soil.

The opener, famous for his work as a spokesman for OLED TV’s, has left behind distinguishing the blacks from the colours, deciding instead to extinguish any hope left in the Pakistani bowling attack.

Going at better than a run a ball, Warner blasted his way to his first Test century of 2017 in just 78 deliveries, including 17 fours, at a strike rate of 128.


To make things even more dramatic, the little master achieved the tremendous triumph mere minutes away from the lunch break.

It the first time anyone has made a century in the first session of a Test match on Australian soil, and only the fifth person to do it in the history of international cricket.

The last Australian to achieve the feat was none other than Don Bradman against England at Leeds in 1930.

If you’re not watching or listening to the Third Test, do yourself a favour!

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Tags: Cricket

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