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Foxsports' Facebook comments sections in meltdown over Kyrgios and Maxwell

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The combined success of Australian sport’s biggest whipping boys in Nick Kyrgios and Glenn Maxwell yesterday has caused popular broadcaster Foxsports’ Facebook page to go into meltdown. 

Tennis bad boy Kyrgios gave former World Number 1 Novak Djokovic his second tennis lesson within the space of a fortnight, defeating him in straight sets at the Indian Wells Masters. 

Maxwell, recalled to the Australian Test squad for the first time in over two years, combined with his captain Steve Smith to steady the ship in the Third Test in Ranchi, ending Day 1 on an unbeaten 82. 

Usually the demise of these two sport stars is met with a procession of aggressive tweets and Facebook comments from a boat-load of cretins, who claim that Kyrgios and Maxwell are “flogs”, “fuckwits”, and “a disgrace to Australia on an International level”. 

But it seems their success yesterday has caused some hysteria itself, with many of these Australian sport “fans” now searching within themselves for another scapegoat to aim their jibes at. 

“I don’t even know who I am anymore,” one Facebook comment from a user with a profile picture of a VK Calais read.

“If I can’t channel my hateful bitterness about my own circumstances in life into calling these two blokes wankers on Facey then how will I justify my existence?

“I might have to go back to punching blokes with their backs turned at the Eltham pub.” 

Other comments where less philosophical. 

“Well fuck,” another comment read. 

“Your (sic) stil (sic) a flog Kyrgios.”

The GFP has tried to approach several Facebook users regarding their comments, but they have all gone to ground.

Rumours abound that they plan to stay less visible until the next performance from Kyrgios or Maxwell that isn’t up to their own personal lofty standards of reserve grade sport.

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Tags: Tennis, Cricket

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