Posted: 4 January, 2017 by Ryan Warren

The Big Bash League has got it absolutely spot-on

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Now into its sixth season, it’s safe to say that the BBL has got its product absolutely spot-on; and here’s why.

It’s on every night of the week

Firstly, despite Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, we get to enjoy the high-octane action of the BBL every bloody night of the week.

How good is that?

The BBL has fast become part of the tradition of the Australian summer: Do bugger all during the day, earn yourself a beer by lunchtime, meander through to dinner, then chuck the BBL on TV. It’s the perfect summers day.

The league is so even

You only have to look at the fortunes of the Sydney Thunder; absolutely shithouse for the first four seasons, champions last season, absolutely shithouse again this season.

Every team can win on their day because the league has made sure that, barring injury, each team is evenly made up of: a big name batter, a local big hitter, a quality spinner, and a quality paceman – the makings of any good Twenty20 team.

The cricket is quality

Just look at Chris Lynn and Brendon McCullum batting for the Brisbane Heat and you’ll realise that the BBL is as entertaining and high quality as the IPL (despite not being allowed to poach any Indian players).

I mean, where else in the world can you tune into a game knowing that someone is deadest chance to hit a six OUT OF THE GROUND?

The TV coverage is excellent

Despite Channel 10 trying to force down the second-coming of Watermelon Boy down our throats, they have got their coverage working perfectly.

They have the best commentary team in the cricketing business (maybe second to Triple M’s) with Mark Howard, Damien Fleming, Mel Jones and Ricky Ponting leading the way, along with high quality cameos from Mark Waugh, KP and Andrew Symonds.

Throw in the heroes that inevitably rise to the fore like the security guard at Adelaide Oval taking catches on the boundary, and it is a highly entertaining and fun TV broadcast.

With a tick under four weeks remaining of the BBL06 season, I know what I’ll be doing every night from now until January 28.

Ryan Warren

Digital Editor, The Greenfield Post

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