Posted: 10 January, 2017 by Liam Flanagan

I’d rather Nick Kyrgios over Nick Lindahl

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There is no arguing with the fact that Nick Kyrgios and Bernard Tomic do not fit into the cookie cutter mould of Aussie athletes that most people are comfortable with.

I get it.

Nick’s now infamous sledge of Stanilas Wawrinka would’ve had our most ruthless cricketers blushing while Bernie’s penchant for partying and fast cars is something we only forgive after you’ve become the greatest in your chosen sport **cough** Shane Warne **cough**.

For many tennis fans, the sight of Kyrgios and Tomic on court representing Australia is a pill that can only be swallowed if it’s followed with a straight sets victory.


They are young men who are learning their way in the world and their sport. Yes they could do with a little more guidance from their close quarters at times but they are both capable of greatness and have plenty of opportunities to fulfil that greatness in the coming years. Who knows, they might even become… Role Models.

On the other side of the coin we have Nick Lindahl.

Lindahl has been handed a seven year ban from tennis and fined $49,000 for his involvement in a match fixing incident in Toowoomba back in September 2013. Despite retiring from tennis in 2013, any comeback plans Lindahl might have had will now be on hold until 2024.

This was a bloke who saw an opportunity to make a quick dollar at the expense of his sport and the country he represents while on the court. His window for greatness and to be a role model, as a tennis player at least, is closed.

So while you might not have posters of Tomic and Kyrgios up on your bedroom walls, I’d much rather they took the court under the Aussie flag than Lindahl.

And for those reading this thinking that “Simply not fixing matches shouldn’t be the minimum we expect from our tennis players” again, I agree. But before you sit around with your mates condemning Tomic and Kyrgios as the WORST things to happen to Australian tennis, remember the name Nick Lindahl. 

Liam Flanagan


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