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In The Pocket - 2017 season finale

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Something special happened in Houston

Unless you’re a Falcons fan, or you hate New England, or you think Tom and Bill are a couple of cheats who got lucky. If you don’t fall in to one of those categories, then something special really did happen.

The New England Patriots won their fifth Super Bowl win. They did it by scoring 31 unanswered points and never leading in regulation time. Never. Not once. They took the lead in overtime and they took their place in history.


Where do you even begin to dissect such a compelling game?

Let’s start at the end.

New England scored a touchdown in overtime to win the game 34 – 28. The Patriots were down 28 – 3. That’s 25 points. That’s a “leave after the third quarter” kind of score. Fortunately, the team didn’t waver, didn’t leave, and never stopped believing.

Is it the biggest choke, or the greatest comeback?

NFL: Super Bowl LI: Atlanta Falcons vs New England PatriotsNRG Stadium/Houston, TX 02/05/2017SI-713 TK1Credit: Simon Bruty

I’m focusing on the latter.  When the Falcons jumped on top of the Patriots they believed. They believed they might be able to win. On the opposite side of that scenario, the Patriots also believed. They believed they would win. It’s a subtle, but important difference.

The Falcons shook the Patriots. Their offence scored and their defense harassed and pressured the Patriots. The Patriots didn’t worry about the Falcons though. They didn’t adjust because of the score line, they adjusted to suit their style. They made subtle and important changes that allowed them to stop the Falcons. The adjustments worked. The Patriots stopped the Falcons, settled down and began chipping away at the deficit.

It was the comeback equivalent of the “how do you eat a whale question”: one point at a time.

Thanks Pocket Nation

We’ve had a great year sharing In the Pocket with you. We’ll be back for Season 2017 at the end of July, but we’ll also have episodes for you during the off-season. There is always something to talk about. Plus, Steve Salisbury needs to be able to vent over the machinations and movements of team Jed. Holding it in wouldn’t be good for him.

Thank you for listening and for being a huge part of the show.  Stay in touch.

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